Carver Home Theater System
Carver Home Theater System
Amazing Carver Home Theater System
CT-17 Dual Zone 5 channel Pro Logic Tuner Preamp $379
AV-63 3 Channel amp 65w/ch with LED meters. $325
Av-64 3/4 Channel amp 4 X 60w or 3ch 2 x 60w 1 X 180w. Built in real high pass low pass subwoofer crossover at 75HZ $439
SDA-360 5 CD Changer. $379
Cinama 5.1 6 speaker system. The sub is behind the lower right grill cloth section and of course the dipole surrounds are on te opposite wall. $999
Denon AVD 2000 Dolby Digital Decoder $419
Philips Karaoke DVD Player 2 Front micraphone inputs with volume controls $529.
Oak entertainment center. $989
TV not for sale.
Buy it all for $3999 and save $447.


I would also be interested in  a good laptop as a partial trade on this system.

Carver units  SD/A360, CT-17, Av64 and AV-63 only Original $2599, singles $1522, Now Buy all 4 for Only $1399
Buy it without the entertainment center for  $3122 and still save $347.
Buy it without the speakers or entertainment center for $2223 and save $247.
Shipping will have to be arranged.
The entertainment center must be picked up. I would prefere the speakers be picked up but I can ship them if necessary. The electronics will go UPS ok.

Some additional pieces are available singly: AV-63, AV64.

Other combinations are also available. The more you buy the better each price. The first item is the listed price. Each additionl item earns a 2% discount on the total not just that item. Buy 4 items and get a 4% discount. M aximum discount is 6% for any one sale.

I use the AV-63 to drive the Left Center Right front speakers. I use two channels of the AV 64 to drive the rear surround channels. The other two channels I use for the dual zone output for two speakers in the dining room. Before I got the Carver speakers with the powered subwoofer I used the crossover in the AV-64 with two channels bridged to 180 watts for my passive subwoofer. I am trying to simplify my system and am trying to talk my wife into letting me use in wall speakers and a simple TV stand. I am also looking at a complete Bose system. I can't afford a flat panel TV so I want to put mine in the wall. This stuff is right in front of the front door and is kind of pain. Any suggestions would be appriciated.

Check the Site Map for a list of additional pieces of some of these items for sale individually.

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